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I'm really weird, and i'm secretly a disney princess who likes blood and death, i love travelling, disney movies and animals.
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the marks humans leave are often scars

❝I’ve been letting my mind wander at night. My thoughts should have a curfew.❞
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you already feel like home to me.

Anonymous I've followed you now for over 2 years and I've always said how good you are with advice and on hard situations as you've been though so much! How did you learn to trust again after being cheated on? you seem so happy with your man and I'm just wondering did you ever question was he cheating on you? I've just started seeing this guy and I really like him but my ex also cheated on me and it's really hard to let it go. Any help and advice?

 I guess you just have to move on from the past, even though it hurt you loads but you cant move forward if you’re still holding on to the things that hurt you, i’ve learned that so much in past year. put your trust in this guy you like, and if he cheats on you, then just remind yourself that YOU are the better person, and that YOU deserve so much better. No one will really fancy him or like him if he they found out he has cheated and it will be his loss. Just take the the risk and trust him thats what all i can say really aha 


i just really love those take away coffee cups with the sippy hole and really theyre just adult sippy cups i love adult sippy cups